Tronixpro Xenon Travel


Key Features


  • 12ft 6in in length, casting 3-6oz.
  • Designed for the travelling angler who either takes trips abroad or wants to keep a compact rod in their car for those impromptu sessions.
  • Six-piece rod, ideal for fitting in a suitcase. 24 Ton Carbon, strong and lightweight.
  • Fuji K guides and a Tronixpro sliding coaster seat.
  • Comes with protective cloth bag.

Comes with protective cloth bag.



With airlines charging more for taking excess luggage, including large rod tubes, the Xenon Travel is the perfect travelling companion for the worldwide angler. It breaks down into six sections, meaning it will fit easily into most hold luggage cases. This small package makes it convenient for taking on family holidays where room for fishing tackle is limited. It’s also a fantastic rod to leave in the boot of the car for those impromptu sessions. Despite the multiple sections, we have worked hard to produce a fluid, fast and powerful blank that has the same power flow as a traditional two or three-piece rod. At home it is the ideal rod for catching bass, bream, whiting, flatfish and garfish. Whilst abroad, it would have no problem catching small and medium sized species but with the added reserves of power in the butt, would be able to tackle larger species such as rays and fast running fish.

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