Tronixpro Naga MX


Key Features


  • 4m in length, casting 4 – 8oz.
  • Two-piece, equal length blank with reducer. Made from 30T carbon with Fuji Stainless Alconite KWAG guides. Comes with Tronixpro Coasters.
  • Designed for long distance casting with multiplier reels.
  • Ideal for rough ground, rock fishing and for bigger fish species.
  • Comes in a hardwearing, cloth bag.


Designed by Welsh International and former World Champion, Joe Arch. The Naga MX is a brute of a rod, designed as a traditional two-piece beachcaster that can cast 5 to 8oz plus bait. The powerful blank is made from 30-Ton, super volume Japanese Carbon that produces a light, slim blank that is incredibly strong. Although this is a fishing rod first and foremost, it is an out and out casting machine too, the powerful mid and butt sections giving ultimate compression for punching leads to distance. It has been designed as an all-purpose, go to fishing rod that can do everything. If an angler could only own one rod, this would be on the list. It is perfectly capable of registering bites from the smallest whiting in the depths of winter to controlling a fast and furious run from a tope in summer, it’s the rod that has it all. The rod is rung with Fuji Stainless Alconite KWAG guides and comes with Tronixpro Coasters.

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