Tronixpro Blaze MXII


Key Features


  • 13ft 2in in length, casting 85 – 155g.
  • The MXII is the rod of choice for the angler who will be fishing open, clear beaches or in estuaries. A great rod for bass and flounder fishing as well as for cod and rays.
  • Shrink wrapped butt with sliding Fuji DPS reel seat. Blank Constructed of xT carbon.
  • Fuji K Guides.
  • Comes with rod bag


The MXII is the rod of choice for the angler who will be fishing open, clean beaches or in estuaries. This is a versatile rod that can be employed for many different tasks from light line fishing through to heavier beach fishing situations. A fantastic rod for bass fishing, flounder fishing in estuaries and even ray and cod fishing on clean to light mixed ground. The rod is designed to cast a 5oz lead with a standard overhead cast. When wanting to reach further, it performs best with a 4oz lead and a pendulum cast. The MXII is a great rod for the match or freelance angler looking for a scratching rod, especially in winter when windy conditions may make lighter rods unusable. In the summer, the blank lends itself well to float fishing for species such as garfish and for close quarters wrasse fishing on the rocks. A lightweight, responsive blank that can be deployed for all manner of beach and estuary fishing situations.

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