Tronixpro Blaze MXI


Key Features


  • 13ft in length, casting 75 – 125g.
  • A light beachcaster designed to add finesse to light tackle fishing, ideal for estuaries, harbours and calm, surf beaches, ideal for flatfish and smaller species.
  • Shrink wrapped butt with sliding Fuji DPS reel seat. Blank Constructed of xT carbon.
  • Fuji K Guides.
  • Comes with rod bag.


When using standard beachcasters is overkill for the situation, this rod will step into the void. Designed as a light beachcaster, the MXI adds finesse to light tackle fishing. Ideal for fishing in estuaries, harbours and calm, surf beaches, this is a superb rod for targeting bass, flatfish, whiting and other, prolific small species. The action of the rod has been designed to make fishing with lighter lines and smaller, delicate baits easy, eliminating any problems with snap offs or blown baits that stiffer rods can cause. The tip is sensitive with an action that promotes fighting smaller fish on small hooks and lighter hook lengths yet retains enough power to cast 4oz without any problems. Despite its “light” pedigree, it is more than capable of landing a bigger, unexpected fish as well, when required. A crisp, responsive, lightweight blank that ticks all the boxes for the light tackle angler. The blank is 13ft in length and comes as a two equal sectioned rod, which makes it easier to carry in a rod bag and transport in the car.

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