Tronixpro Aphex Uptide


Key Features


  • 9ft 6in in length, casting 4-10oz.
  • With a powerful butt and mid-section this is the perfect rod for big winter cod fishing and for targeting tope and rays in the summer months, a great all-round boat rod.
  • Two-piece, long tip, short butt 24T Carbon Blank.
  • Fuji DPS Reel Seat and Fuji O Guides.
  • Comes with rod bag.


At 9ft 6in and rated to cast 4 to 10oz this rod is designed to cast heavy weights and bigger baits away from an anchored boat. It makes the ideal rod for big winter cod fishing and for targeting tope, bass and rays in the warmer months. The supple tip has been designed to give plenty of bite indication and the powerful butt and mid sections provide lift when fighting big fish in powerful tides.

The supple tip makes this an excellent all-round boat rod too, ideal for drift fishing. But also, as a rod that can cast away from the boat to search different pockets of ground, something standard boat rods are not designed to do.

The blank is constructed from 24T Carbon making it lightweight, ideal for casting and holding for long periods of time. It comes fitted with Fuji components throughout including a Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji O rings.

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