Tronixpro Aphex Beach


Key Features
  • 13ft 10in in length, casting 4-7oz.
  • An out and out beach fishing rod designed for casting long range and taming powerful species.
  • Designed for multiplier and fixed spool reels.
  • Two-piece, slim, lightweight 24T carbon blank.
  • Tough and durable Seaguide K guides. Comes with Tronixpro Coaster reel seat and rod bag.


The out and out beach fishing rod of the Aphex range. Slightly longer than traditional 13ft 6in beachcasters at 13ft 10in, this extra length helps when casting and for manoeuvring fish around snags when landing. Designed for fishing on both clean sandy beaches and light rough ground, this is the ideal rod for catching all manner of species off the shore, especially larger species such as rays, smoothhound, bigger cod and bass. Like the rest of the range it is constructed from lightweight 24T carbon. The rod has a powerful mid and butt section, giving it the power to cast leads in the range of 4 to 7oz plus bait to the distance you require. It features a reflective tip section so you can identify bites easier at night. The rod comes with a Tronixpro Coaster reel seat and is fitted with Seaguide K guides.

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